Saturday, February 16, 2008

The BIG day

I woke up before my alarm. It was my wedding day. I got dressed (I had showered the night before) and went downstairs. Everyone was due to arrive at 9. I had told them all early to try to make up for any lateness. No one that was coming was notorious for being late, but I was. So, I decided to give everyone some extra time. Wouldn't you know it, it wasn't even 9 yet and all of my girls were there! I called the salon to see if they could bump us up, but they said they were booked. So, we all sat around and talked until it was time to leave. We made it to the nail place, and all got manicures and pedicures. I was waiting for my pedicure when I remembered something I had to tell Jason. I called him, and the first words out f his mouth were: "Am I allowed to talk to you?" We decided yes on that and I told him whatever it was that I needed to (for the life of me I can't remember what that was now) and life went on. I got a full set of gel nails, but I'm not really happy with them. I've had them done much better by someone who didn't speak English very well. He was nice. So, we were planning to go out to lunch after nails, but it took so long that we had to rush back to the east side to get hair done for various girls.

I will take this opportunity to state that I had planned a schedule for that day. It was this: Nails in the morning (greenwood), lunch, back to Mom and Dad's (irvington), Mom gets hair done, we pack everything up, go to get my hair and makeup done (greenwood), and go straight to the church (speedway). This plan was changed by my wonderful mother who first didn't want to take 2 cars, and when I solved that issue, didn't want to get dressed at the church, wanted to get dressed at home. Believe me, this will be important later.

So we go over to have Mom's hair done at the place she usually goes. She leaves with huge, curly poofy, old lady hair. She, rightly, hates it. So we frantically pick and comb etc all the way to my hair place where we had to go immediately. We stopped and got some fast food on the way. Not what either of us wanted. My makeup took forever because I kept blinking. Well,. I say, stop poking me in the eye! To which the makeup lady replies, I'm putting eyeliner on you. Okay, that coversation didn't really happen, but I really couldn't stop blinking and some hair became welded to my eyelid during the process. Not a long hair that anyone could see, but a tiny little one that was touching my eye. That really helped. Anyway, the makeup looks good and I have my hair done, veil and everything, and it is 5. I'm supposed to be on the west side at 5:30. I could make it there if we went now, but we still have to go back to the east side to pick up the boys and my dress and EVERYTHING. We get to the house at 5:30. We have to pack the car. Mom is NOT getting dressed at home. I am angry at this point. I get everyone into the van and drive like a madwoman. On the way there, Dad pulls my veil out of my hair. Thanks.

Will Annemarie make it to the church on time?

Will she get married?

Tune in next time on ROOT BEER LOVE!

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Giraffeman said...

sounds like a hectic time. I went to piper's 5 times that morning. Then met steve and larson for lunch. then drove to the hotel then went for a thrill ride with bill larson and steve in bill's car to the church. We were early so threw snowballs at stuff.