Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's get this out of the way.

The big "B" is OVER. Over like the Sopranos. Over like the rainbow. Sure, I've got some credit rebuilding to do, and some time to distance myself, but it's OVER. I had my last court appearance last week. It was EASY. I was so super scared. I've been reading an online newsletter called "Life After B**" and I love it. It's really inspirational. It's filed with good advice, and no high pressure to buy things or pay for some service. The author, Steven Snyder has written several books on the topic, but says that if you can't afford to buy them, to go out and get them from the library. So, that's something I can get behind. It's over, out of the way and done. YAY!!!

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Giraffeman said...

yay!!!! I was there. It was over fast. And some people didn't even know where they were or why they were there. Chung chung.