Monday, February 18, 2008

The Reception

The limo was beautiful. A huge long white Excalibur. Lights on the ceiling inside that made it look like a starry sky. It says it seated 10, but with 9 we were crowded. It was a lovely ride, And before we knew it, we were at Piper's. Larson went ahead and told them to start the entrance music. Jason made this great track for us to enter to, with some Diablo Swing Orchestra, Phil Collins (in the air tonight so that people knew skyconcert, I mean the reception, was about to start), "Gentlemen Start Your Engines", and the The Power of Love. Yeah. It was awesome.
Piper's looked beautiful. The centerpieces Anna had made were awesome! Some had pipe cleaners and some had little crystaly things. I wasn't a big fan of the pipe cleaners until I saw that people were twisting them into things. It was supercool. The Fruit and cheese display was the first thing we heard about. She carved our name (my new name) into the cheese. There was a swan made of melon. Everything was absolutely perfect. We mingled for a while and then it was time for dinner! We sat down to eat and it was delicious. JHP was great. If you don't know JHP is the John Harden Project, and indy jazz band that we hired. We went to see them in a park once this summer and that was it. We knew they were the perfect band for the wedding. Their singer sounds just like Etta James. The chicken was delish. I went to pay the band before I forgot, and she said they were probably getting hungry. I found out what time it was and WOW! They had been playing for almost an hour! So, we got Larson to segue into some of our music. We did toasts. They were WONDERFUL. Larson emceed like he was born for it, and he hadn't even known he was going to do it until that night. I cried at least twice during the toasts. After that, it was 10! We were supposed to leave at 11! Time was flying!
When the band came back, we had our first dance. It was lovely. Jason is a wonderful dancer. Then I danced with my Dad and his Dad. His Dad cried, and I hit him. I feel kinda bad now. I hope he doesn't hate me. We decided it was time to cut the cake. We each fed the other a piece nicely despite the jeering of everyone to smash it. I tossed the bouquet and Meaghan caught it but was forced to give it to a more likely candidate for marriage soon, Amanda. Jason retrieved my garter and the guys all ran from it. We did the chicken dance, and the bunny hop and late in the evening, in his pajamas, Xavier came up to me and asked me to dance. Completely un-prompted. It was very cute.
The reception was everything I ever could have wanted. Everything was beautiful and perfect. Jason was so handsome, our friends were fun, and the staff at Piper's was WONDERFUL. One of the waitresses handed me a diet coke when we came in, out of no-where. No one will admit asking her to bring it to me. I was soooooooo thirsty. We got into the second limo and drove up to the north side to the sheraton. It was a lovely room and wine and strawberries were waiting for us. You guys don't get to hear anymore.

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Giraffeman said...

the reception was awesome. JHP was great too. The food was good what little I had of it. I wish we had more time for everything though. I need to import all of those cds and upload some pics. the first car was definatly nicer than the 2nd. Both were beautiful from the outside though. I'd like to ride in the first one again sometime