Monday, February 18, 2008

The Wedding

It is 6:10. I'm supposed to get married at 6:30. I am not dressed. I have JUST arrived at the church. Still EXTREMELY ANGRY. I walk in to the room to get dressed and everyone tries to calm me down. I know one reason I was mad was that I wanted that time. I wanted the getting ready for my wedding moment. Instead I had the rush moment. Mom is getting dressed too, and out photographer is there. She wants a picture of the rings together. I go look for Jason's ring. GONE. I think at that moment I was the first human to even go supernova. Late for my own wedding, missing the getting ready time, and the most important thing for me to bring was missing. I tore apart every bag that we brought in. No ring. I am half naked. I can't go out to the van looking for it. The minister is at the door telling us 10 minutes. Finally, my Dad comes to the door and I ask him to go to the car and find the ring. There's no way it could have fallen out, the bags didn't fall over, I tell myself. I mean I should have just had the ring with me i my purse or something. I am such a loser at this point. If I don't have Jason's wedding ring, he's going to kill me. I'm sure it will ruin the whole day for him. I've been building up this ring for months now. We're both excited to see what the other has engraved, and now because I didn't get to pack things up myself, it's gone. I continue looking until Karen practically shakes me out of it. There's nothing I can do about it at this point. I try to get ready. Mom is getting ready too. The minister comes again and says it's time to go. I try to get him to talk to Mom, but she can't hear him. THEN Dad walks in with the ring. Everything is better. I can suddenly cope with being out of time. I can take a few pictures and check my makeup. The girls all looked beautiful. Hayden, was an awesome flower girl who handled my temper tantrum in her presence with ease. She twirled for me and told me that she got to wear Mom's (Jennifer's) makeup. The quite insistent preacher returned and so did Lindsay (photog) with the ring. I gave it to Char and it was time to go.

We ascended the stairs and I tried to hide. I didn't want Jason to see me through the big windows. The girls went down the aisle one by one. I was so excited that I was tingling. We moved up, big windows be damned. I see Hayden and Xavier going down the aisle, and I see my very soon to be husband. He looks so handsome standing there. The organist is playing the bridal march, and I am blind from a million camera flashes. The next part is all spotty in my mind. It was one of those things where emotion overrides memory. I really hate that. I remember my Dad almost crying and me saying told ya. I remember all of the groomsmen making funny faces because Xavier was wreaking havoc behind me. Most of all I remember almost crying myself while I was saying the vows. Jason raised my veil and kissed me. I think I was floating. I was so happy and really couldn't (still can't) believe that I was married. The best part of the whole thing was the Gordon Pipers. At the very end of the ceremony, I didn't know if they were there. I did a quick check, and I saw kilts. They came down the aisle and led us out. It was AWESOME. They were so so so good. Then we went and had a receiving line. Greeted everyone. Took pictures. Got in limo and went to the reception.


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