Thursday, February 21, 2008

The wedding was wonderful, but

Okay. The things I DIDN'T like about the wedding in order.

5. The Organist

You all heard about the organist saga, in previous posts. He didn't know the music I wanted, and wasn't too helpful until the very end.

4. The pillows
I lost 2 nice bed pillows in all of this ruckus. I think they got left at the church and though we have tried to get them back, we have failed. Those were nice pillows. Not cheap. And I liked those pillows. I haven't been able to get the pillows we still have to work right.

3. The time warp
Let's do it again, no seriously, it all went so fast! I'd like it to have all been slower and easier to remember.

2. Being late
That really sucked. I was so mad. I was really afraid to hurt Jason's feelings too. I didn't want him to think I had stood him up. Plus I didn't want all of that anger in me on the day.

1. The minister
Was a jerk. Didn't say one word to us after the ceremony. Yelled at our wonderful photographer. Was a general jerk the whole time. Yeah. Not a fan.

Those were the things I didn't like. My favorite thing, by far, is being married to the most wonderful man in the universe.

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