Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introductions are in Order

As I hope I am getting more readers here, I think some introductions are in order. Hi!

I'm Annemarie, author of this blog's blogginess. I'm a Children's librarian, and that means I get to cut stuff out and paste it together, and read for money. I'd post a picture of me here, but you're getting tired of seeing my face already, I'm sure. Look around. If there's a red haired girl in a picture, chances are that's me. Okay, I know I have redhead friends too, but is shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

My new husband (be sure to read all about our wedding and planning of said wedding) is Jason. He's wonderful beyond all belief. If there's a dark haired handsome man in the picture with me, that's him. He has a job he hates in the IT field. If anyone out there knows of IT jobs around indy, let me know!

Our cats. Aww, they are our fake children. We have 3. It didn't start off to be that way, but it is. Before Jason and I met, we each had a cat. I had Diana:
She's awesome and mean. She's the biggest of our cats, and the oldest. She gives everyone a dirty look. She bites the vet. We love her, and she is a big snuggler, believe it or not. She knows not to bite me (we call it the cat contract), and loves being the boss. Her turn ons include crab with a k, cheese, and laser pointers. I found her in the parking lot of my old job, when she was a kitten. I took her home and made her mine!

Jason had Tabby Cattenhousen:

Tabby was rescued by Jason from some kids who would rather play with their dog. He's much happier now. Despite his small appearance, he's a Maine Coon. He's very, very fluffy. He likes to lie in the middle of the floor on his back and practice being adorable. He's really a sweet cat but has somehow been put in charge of waking us up every morning, by pestering Jason, or eating the lampshade (which also pesters Jason). His turn ons include (you know, it was funny the first time, but is just strange now) stretching, chasing, and being cute.

Jason and I got together and instantly loved each others' cats. We hadn't moved in together yet, but it was coming up soon, when we took a trip to the pet store. There in a cage was this tiny ball of fur. It was one of the smallest kittens I had ever seen. Her fur was all colors, a tortoiseshell. The people there said that someone had wrapped her up in newspaper and left her by the front door. My heart melted. I reached my hand into the cage to pet her. She purred and snuggled up close. When I thought it was time for me to take my hand out, she wasn't having any of it. She held on for dear life. She was leaving long scratch marks in my hand. I decided she must be right, and just kept petting her. It was too late. She was my kitten.

He name is Danica Catrick, though for the first few days when we didn't know if we would keep her, or if the vet would give her a clean bill of health, we called her catface. Tune in next time for her whole story.

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Giraffeman said...

tabby looks so cute in that pic. I have a wonderful wife too. And a silly little kit tan from a newspaper. diana the cat is very loving. It's kinda funny cause even when she is being loving she still looks mean.