Thursday, March 6, 2008

The kitten cometh

So, I left you with a short introduction to a post that's going to have a LOT of pictures. Because as any new parents would be, we were quite shutter happy with little Danica. When we left, I couldn't walk away (really) from a sweet little tortoiseshell kitten. We had decided to foster her, and not get attached. To that end, we didn't give her a name. We called her "catface" She had a big box with a bed, toys and a litterbox. Being such a tiny kitten we thought it was enough space for her. She disagreed. Note: That box is at least 2 feet tall...

That is what we brought home. She was adorable, but she was a street kitten. We didn't know if she was healthy enough to make it. She was away from her mother too early and we weren't sure if she had any kitty instincts either. The pet store told us that the earliest they could get her into the vet was the next week. We were getting attached, that was too long. So, we called our vet (okay, our cats' vet) and got her an appointment for the next day. She had to be presentable you know, so:
She had a bath. She wasn't too happy about it, but she was clean now. Ready for the vet. We took her in, wrapped up in a towel. We were both really nervous. The vet weighed her, she came in an .6 pounds. Note the decimal there folks, less than a pound. Just over half. She had ear mites, and so did our other cats now, but she was okay! We proudly christened her "Danica Catrick. Come back next time for more of her. If I don't stop now, this post will take up an entire page!

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