Monday, April 14, 2008

Honeymoon Day 1 Part 2 : Gypsy Gold

Earlier in this blog, I wrote about a breed of horse that I'd found online and I not only found mesmerizing, it seemed to possess all of the qualities that I want someday in a horse of my own. I talked a little about them in a previous blog. The owners of the farm, Gypsy Gold, were really nice and invited us down for a visit and tour. We got there at around 11 and it was gorgeous even before we saw the horses.
So, we arrive, and before we're even out of the car, a greyhound jumps onto Jason's lap. He wanted to go for a ride! We managed our way out, and all of the sudden there was a Irish wolfhound at my elbow. He was a puppy. I'm not kidding about the elbow part, that's where his head was, and he wasn't even trying. So, we play with the puppies, and make our way in to talk with the owners. They were so nice. They talked for a while about the breed and how it made it's way here courtesy of them just in the last few decades. Then we got to tour the farm. First up was the horse I wanted Jason to see the most, B.B. King. He was born to his music.

A beautiful horse. I hadn't seen the mustaches in the other pictures, but isn't it cute? He was so friendly, as all of them were. When we arrived at each pen, the horses came up to the fence to visit us. Then we went to the next pen and saw some babies! They were so cute, and so soft. they had curly hair, their winter coat. They were with their recipient mothers. If you read the page I directed you to last time, you'll see that the farm rescues horses bound for the slaughterhouse, and uses them on the farm as host mothers to babies. They have a great life on the farm and treat the babies as their own. Take a look!Really sweet. The next one we saw is my favorite Gypsy Vanner. He's gorgeous. He's sweet. He's just so awesome. He's Lachto Drom:

He's so pretty. Yay. Then we moved on past a few other horses, on to two pens full of young horses. Not as young as the first two, away from their mothers, and they loved to lick our hands. Jason got these GREAT pictures.

They were great too. On our way back to the barn we saw that he also raises macaws, ring tailed lemurs and racing doves. They were all cool too. He also had a myna bird that had learned to imitate the beep of the smoke detector low on batteries sound. That was interesting. The husband of the other couple with us almost stuck his finger in her cage, and we were all waiting for that sharp beak to get him, but he got away in time. I'll share a few more pictures at another time, but that's all for now. It was an awesome way to start off our honeymoon. The land itself was breathtaking, and the horses we more than I could have asked for. I really want one...

Tune in next time for the rest of a LOOONG drive.

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Giraffeman said...

I still think some of the horses look like Prince. Or the Artist. Or the Artist that used to be called Prince. They were so friendly though. I liked the dogs and that we had to make room for them on the golf cart. I liked the parrots a lot too. The Myna bird was crazy too. no wonder they kept him outside though. That sound would drive me crazy and make me want to disconnect his battery.