Monday, June 2, 2008

Honeymoon day 9 and 10 St Pete!

So, I don't know if I ever said, but this whole honeymoon was really built around 2 races. We thought it would be fun to go to Homestead for the season opener and St Pete, the week after. The rest of everything kinda fell into place after that. The cruise was at a perfect time, the house we stayed in was an awesome gift from someone that Jason barely knows. It was a very generous thing for him to do and it was really great. So, back to the races:

We had been to homestead, and the cruise, and it was time for the race in St. Petersburg. It's a street race there and in the middle is a park, and a baseball field. Jason went down to check things out on Saturday, and I joined him on Sunday. There was a ferris wheel and I think I have my mother's facial expression in this picture.
Jason saw some funny stuff. Like a stop sign on the track, and people sitting in trees to watch. The whole thing was near the strangest looking yacht club ever.

We had grandstand seats, and in front of us there was a giant TV on a truck. It wasn't working. There whole grandstand cheered and jeered when the guy came to fix it, and had quite a bit of trouble at first. The seats were right at a really sharp turn, and we got a lot of action there.

The rain. It rained. A lot. We sat in it. There was no where to run, so why not. We got a little wet, but I was dry again by the time we left. I wish they would have let them run in the rain, but no. So, when the rain stopped the race was on.

We did have good seats. Danica lost it twice right in front of us and forgot she had a reverse gear, and also sadly, while Vitor was doing really well, he got put in the tire barrier right in front of us. I was sad. While it was nothing like his launch this past weekend, it was depressing. We were excited for Graham to win, and after the race we walked back to the buses, they shuttled us to our car, and we went to dinner.

We had seen a restaurant in our driving called Famous Dave's. It was a barbecue place. It was so good. I wrote a long review on their comment card begging them to come to Indiana, and then surprise surprise, we see one coming in just down the street from us. HA HA HA

That's it! Tomorrow, the sponge docks!

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