Saturday, June 7, 2008

Indiana Flooding

In case you haven't seen the news yet, there is flooding here in Indiana, and especially here in Johnson County. I hope my work isn't underwater. It rained for 12 hours straight here and we got 11 inches of rain in those hours. Jason and I hadn't thought much of it until Larson called us and told us that there was someone kayaking in the street about a block from our place. We piled in the fit and went to look. Sure enough...

They had brought kayaks over from dick's sporting goods. Eventually the police came and told them to leave, but I have no idea why. No fair!

That morning, this was our yard:
What's that in the vegetable garden? A floating radish?

The roads were blocked in a lot of places, but the cats needed food. We made it to the pet store and then made it to some food for us and headed home ad saw all this:

So, the water is really high around here. There's a dam in a heavily residential area near here that has broken. So far, no one has been hurt, but there's a lot of people without power and many people in shelters. We're okay here so far, but there was a LOT of water in the backyard this morning, and some in the ducts in the house, so we'll see how that turns out. Everyone here in the southern central Indiana area needs some help right about now.

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candlesrhot said...

Holy cow! We had some bad storms up this way Friday night, but it didn't rain at all yesterday.

Several years ago I spent an evening painting a friend's living room while it poured and poured outside. And then...I couldn't get home! EVERY road that lead towards my apartment was closed, no matter which roundabout way I could think of. I decided to go stay at my parents' house and almost didn't make it there either. I had to drive through over a foot of water and I think I cried the whole way through because I thought my car would stall (there was a stalled car in the other lane). That's not something I want to go through again, although we have fairly frequent flooding in NE Indiana.