Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woud You Rather Weekend

Would you rather have to kill Winnie the Pooh or Bambi?

So, if I had to kill a Disney character, these two probably wouldn't be my first choices. It would probably be whoever decided that making endless sequels was a good idea. But, if I had to choose one of these two, it would be Pooh. I'm sorry bear, you were cool in the beginning, but since I've seen you on 5 billion walmart sweatshirts, I've grown weary of you. You are over-marketed. So, bang. Plus, Bambi has big antlers and sharp hooves, and you are the wimpiest bear ever. I wonder what bear meat tastes like? We just had some AWESOME pork chops (oops, Babe isn't Disney).

1 comment:

Giraffeman said...

yeah I think I would shoot Pooh too. I don't like him. He's wimpy, annoying and greedy. And his friend Tigger, yeah. bouncing all over the place. Smoked a bit too much funny things in the forrest I think.