Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!

Ahh, the joys of a long weekend, the confusion that follows you into the week. And I'm not talking drinking. Every time I have a long weekend, I spend the next week trying to remember what day it is. Yeah. So really, it's Tuesday right now. Yeah. We did the usual labor day rib fest marathon, but less this year than in years past. We saw Shooter Jennings, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang, and Ted Nugent. My favorite was Johnny Lang. I think he could ave played for another 3 hours and I would have enjoyed it.

I also shopped more than I should have. I got a new purse, new perfume, and new shoes. Jason also got shoes, and a new reel for his fishing pole. It has red holes in it. Yep. I don't really know what they are for, but they sure look cool! Jason also got a new phone, albeit unintentionally. The screen on his 5 month old phone quit working. They didn't have any of his model (other than in pink) to replace it with, so they gave him a new phone! Barring any bill surprises, it's the best customer service we've gotten from Sprint. That says a lot.

We went to see Hancock and the dollar movies, and boy, was it crowded. One of the best things, however, was a sunset as we were waiting for skyconcert to begin. For those of you not from Indy, skyconcert is an annual fireworks show that is set to music. It is fun every year! I can honestly say that I don't enjoy just fireworks as much as I used to before I started going to skyconcert.

There was a great sunset on the White River just before the show. Take a look:

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Newlywed said...

Love the photos! What beautiful sites. Sounds like you had fun :-)