Monday, March 2, 2009

Garden planning

This week I'm working on planning my vegetable garden for this year. Last year it did okay despite the flood above, but I think it can be waaay better.

First, fewer cucumbers. They really overran the whole garden last year, and I didn't eat that many. Second, more tomatoes. I really liked the ones we got, but there weren't enough. Our corn didn't grow very tall, thanks to, I think not enough sun. Next, no lettuce. It was the bunny favorite, and therefore we didn't get much. Also casualties of the lupus were broccoli and peas. So this year:


I'm staying with the same shape, and the same cages for the tomatoes. I'm also going to see if we Jason can build or buy me one of these to grow the cucumbers on. (Surprise Honey!)

I want to wrap the whole thing in chicken wire. I really didn't want to do this initially, but everything go SOOO eaten last year, that I don't feel like I have much choice. I'm putting at least 4 stakes in the ground and making the fence around that.

Last year I used mostly pre-sprouted plants. This year I'm trying to start from seed. I'm buying one of those seed starter greenhouses, and I'm going to put it on the front table in the living room. There's a dome to prevent cat eating. Wish me luck. I figure if it turns out really badly, I can just buy plants later.

Here's what I want to plant:
Tomatoes 2 of each
Sweet 100's (cherry tomatoes)
Heirlooms of some sort
Chives (I've already got some)
Green Onion

Has anyone out there got suggestions for me on what to plant where? The whole garden gets part sun, there's nowhere in our lawn that gets full, but this was a pretty sunny place. Any other suggestions?


Rachel said...

I'm pretty ambitious about my veggie garden this year, but I've never done it before. If something works for you, you should totally blog about it. It would be really interesting!

Giraffeman said...

How about some kung poe or tabasco peppers? the place on county line usually has them. I hope our morning glories go crazy again this year. I also want to plant something on thr birdfeeder thing if I can get it fixed