Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I would rather

This is my answer to yesterday's post, if you haven't seen it , look down. This week's would you rather was: Would you rather be 7'9" or 4'1"?

I think I'd go for 7'9" because then at least I could reach everything out in public places. Sure, some places would be a tight squeeze, but I think most places you could go. I'd thing the health issues involved with either end of the height spectrum are probably equally severe.

I do wonder if I could fit into movie theater seats, which if I were 4'1", wouldn't be a problem. I couldn't go on amusement park rides with either height, and driving is car is complicated either way too.

But, do really tall people have a convention? I've watched "Little People Big World", and I've seen what huge community they have. That would be nice. But, and this is shallow, we tend to admire really tall people, and degrade short people. So, my shallow decision is to be super tall.

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