Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Band names

Night before last was LONG. Jason was out getting a friend from the airport until 4:30. I kept waking up wondering when he was going to get home. During one of these groggy moments, an idea occurred to me, as they ate wont to in groggy moments.

You know what would be a great band name?

Fines may be doubled

Wow, yes, this is what my mind said to me. When I remembered that this morning, I remembered a great thread on a message board that Jason frequents, and I visit from time to time. It was guess the band name. One person would post a picture, or series of pictures and then everyone else would guess. It was like rebus. However, I was not that great at it. I saw a series of pictures similar to these, the big difference being that the third picture was a man turning a hand drill against his temple (okay pretending to):

I yelled out "Couch Baby Crank Horse!" This is not, has never been, and will never be the name of a band. However, at that moment, I knew what I would call any bad I would ever be in. Including my guitar hero band. That one kinda got abbreviated, Couchbabycrankhor, but that was still awesome. So, can anyone out there guess what the band ACTUALLY was? I'll give you one hint. The guy in the original drill picture looked insane...