Friday, January 25, 2008

Ben Franklin

Today, I'm working on a presentation for second graders on Ben Franklin. I'm cutting out kites and inventions. It's fun. I can't breathe through my nose. That's not fun. Last night I took some of that spray up the nose stuff. It worked like MAGIC. I could breathe through my nose all night. I meant to put it in my purse and bring it to work today with me, but I didn't. Oops, so now I can't breathe. You know? I see why people are leaving myspace for facebook. Facebook is totally fun. I like the fluff friends. Hee hee. Not that I would ever betray myspace. I mean I owe it my current happiness. Jason found me on myspace, don't you know?

I'm trying to make myself better, really I am. I've hat 3 bottles of water already today, that's 6 glasses of the 8-10 recommended when you're sick. Mom suggested cold eze, but that's never really done much for me, or maybe I just wait until too late to get it. Any ideas?

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Giraffeman said...

my nose is being bad too. Hopefully we are both better by next weekend